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Advocacy is expression....

Specifically it's expression with intent to empower.

The intent can be for self-empowerment or other-empowerment.

"Other-" can be oriented toward homo sapiens, animal, mineral, vegetable, nature, information, space

or the *something* that is meaningful to you.

Advocacy is ...

  • ... communicating, conveying, negotiating, asserting: interests, desires, needs and rights.
  • ... making informed decisions and taking response-ability for those decisions.
  • ... to utilize all of your abilities to know yourself, which allows you to know others
  • ... sharing and asserting what is needed.
  • ... acting and expressing from a position to get what is needed.
  • ... needed.

Power —
Yours, Mine, & Ours

As you take action from self-advocacy the effects ripple out to touch others. Your illustration of self-advocacy shows others they too can get needs met.

From your self-advocacy others learn that it's normal, okay, and an integral part of life to have needs met; no matter if those needs are physical, mental, emotional, spirit or some other label.

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Nourishment —
Not just for tummies.

Body. Mind. Emotion/Feeling. Spirit.

It's all a part of nourishment.

Take action nourish yourself and others.

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End Abuse —
No Hate

Abuse is other- and self- inflicted. It is learned.

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Homelessness —
is endable

There is much to share here. While I flesh out the website, please take advantage of the opportunity to check out these folks:

100Khomes Campaign



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Poverty —
What's in your mind?

A state of mind that represents itself in body, feeling and spirit.

It is endable, as is homelessness (and a great many other social ills).

It is learned. It is an attitude.

Transform the "bottom-line economic" worldview.

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Animal —
Rights & Rescue

The four-leggeds, winged-ones, slitherers, crawlers, swimmers, climbers and others that compose All My Relations are devalued by the reigning bottom-line economic/commodity worldview.

I support, fanatically:

Voice For The Animals

along with a slew of other animal advocate and animal rescue organizations

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LostAwareness, Advocate

"My job as an advocate is to provide information, invoke creative possibilities and to take action."